Radical Housing and the City Seminar Series

 Shared Houses & Domestic Collectives
Sunday June 2nd, 2013 3-5 pm at the Purple Thistle Centre
registration link: redsara.eventbrite.ca/

Shared housing is a common reality for city-dwelling folks.  Financial pressure can force us into shared situations, OR we may choose it because we believe we are stronger in community.  Either way it helps to be clear about house priorities, and your own priorities too, so the fit can be right.  No one house or style is better than another, rather finding and/or creating a good fit can be the difference between thriving and barely surviving in a shared house.

This workshop and discussion is for people ages 16 to 25 who currently live in shared housing OR who are interested in learning more about the range of possibilities and ways to live together.

Possible Topics:

Systems: the range from lotsa systems to no systems
Responsibility, respect and agreements
Options for shared food and shared meals
Mental health support in collective houses
Communication & conflict
Turnover: ways to record and pass on house norms & culture

Sara’s lived in shared housing for most of her life, and currently lives at the Beehive Collective House, which she loves.  Shared housing has helped her feel like she actually belongs somewhere.  Sara also likes bicycles, birds, art, and facilitating transformative things.

Vancouver Renters Union
Sunday April 28th, 2013, 3-5 pm at the Purple Thistle Centre
Registration link: http://vanrentersunion.eventbrite.ca/

Richard Marquez and Kim Hearty of the Vancouver Renters’ Union are hosting this workshop on the history, reality and potential of renters organizing for housing justice in Vancouver and San Francisco. Featuring a clip from “Boom: The Sound of Eviction” about the fight against gentrification in San Francisco’s Mission District. The workshop will explore principles from Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of non-cooperation as they relate to mass struggle.

For more information on the Vancouver Renters’ Union: http://www.vanrentersunion.org/

For more information on the film: http://www.boomthemovie.org/


Talking about housing (in Vancouver and elsewhere) tends to revert to dogmatism and cliche, and acting in the face of neo-liberalism often induces nihilism, fatalism or worse.

Demanding more government investment in housing is critical, but are there other ways that we can speak? Are there places where people and communities can act beyond lobbying? Is another world of housing possible? Let’s theorize a better way to think about land and talk about real strategies.

Sunday April 21st, 3-5 pm at the Purple Thistle Centre

registration: http://mattandsavanna.eventbrite.ca/

This first session will begin with a screening a short film by Savanna Todd:

“Give Me Solace”

Followed by a discussion with Savanna and Matt Hern.

This film is one of a larger group of films developed as part of a collaborative media project called Housing Matters. Read more about it here. See the rest of these amazing films here.


Filmmaker bio:

Savanna Todd // Give me solace

Growing up in lower East Vancouver I became acutely aware of the importance put on housing. I heard many conversations regarding the long waiting lists for decent housing, necessary repairs not completed, dangerous neighbours, grow-ops, substandard suites, and abusive landlords. We also had respectful landlords in our area too. Landlords who drove tenants to appointments and to get groceries, kept properties up, sent you Christmas cards, and made you feel like you mattered. In this film I am trying to show the emotional impact that housing or lack of housing can have on people.

**Priority for this event will be given to youth. (Broadly defined, ages 15-25).

** Please see the Purple Thistle Institute website for accessibility info and soon to come information on other seminars in this series.